Ebredrone gets the AESA’s autorization to operate at night and in urban flights

The company, a member of Catalonia Smart Drones, has been a finalist among more than 250 EU startups with the best growth potential

The Ebre company, EbreDrone, has received the authorization issued by AESA, the State Aviation Safety Agency, to operate night flights and urban flights, a recognition that places it among the few Spanish drone operators to obtain both special flight authorizations.

We must remember the ban on flying at night or on agglomerations of people or buildings, taking into account the high risk it poses to the population or infrastructure, requirements that EbreDrone has exceeded to be authorized.

Among the best European potentials

Recently, EbreDrone has been recognized, within the framework of the European project StartUp3, as one of the 25 technological startups with the greatest growth potential. The European Commission’s Horizon2020 program has involved more than 250 high-tech companies from 36 countries.

Of the 14 Spanish companies presented, only four have entered the project, including EbreDrone the only Catalan representative. The StartUp3 project aims to select the best innovative projects to redefine them, develop them and help them enter the international market.

Led by a group of technology clusters from 7 European Union countries, StartUp3 is endowed with 1.5 million euros from the European Commission. From the current phase, EbreDrone is developing a high value-added product to compete among the dozens of proposals. Of these, only 5 will advance to the final stage, where they will have the opportunity to meet with investors, rounds of financing and exit to the global market.

The 2020 rice campaign opens up the option of fumigating with drones

This year, EbreDrone has received permission to carry out some aerial spraying treatments using drones. Currently, the procedures with Plant Health of the Department of Agriculture of the Government of Catalonia have been carried out to legally fly the first drone for the cultivation of rice in Delta de l’Ebre.

This drone is electric, has a capacity of 10 liters and performs low-power treatment thanks to its speed (5 min./Ha), which allows you to fully automate the flight and make it more effective than the traditional method without damaging the soil or the crop.

For the time being, the pilots of EbreDrone, with the additional qualification of Phytosanitary Applicators Pilots, have started the first tests with different rice producers in the Delta in order to show all the capacity for future applications.