AESA grants two new authorizations for special operations to membres of Catalonia Smart Drones

DroneLab is the first company in the cluster to obtain the authorization for both night flights and controlled airspace, while SITEP will be able to carry out operations in controlled airspaces with its own aircrafts


Following the announcement of Techdrone as the first company of Catalonia Smart Drones authorized by AESA, two more companies in the community have recently obtained authorizations for the development of specific activities with drones. Dronelab and SITEP have been authorized to carry out specialized air operations in controlled airspace and in the FIZ (Flight Information Zone) outside the airport environment of the air traffic service providers ENAIRE, SAERCO and FerroNATS.

The permit obtained by SITEP will be valid for three of the UAS that they manufacture themselves: the SITEP VANT001 and the VANT003, octocopters of 18 kg MTOM, and the SITEP HELI002, helicopter of approximately 25 kg MTOM.

From now on, the company will be able to carry out operations in sectors such as research and development, phytosanitary aerial treatments, firefighting, aerial photography, surveillance or search and rescue operations.

For its part, the air services company Dronelab has obtained an authorization to operate night flights in addition to the authorization to operate in controlled airspace indefinitely throughout Spain.

Dronelab has been offering audiovisual services with conventional drones and helicopters since its inception. In 2020, the company has opened new lines of business to cover the needs of the industrial sector by incorporating topography, thermography, and multispectral images into its portfolio.

These new sectors, together with the permits it has recently obtained, open up a wide range of possibilities for the company.

Both companies state that the road to obtaining these authorizations has been long, between nine months and a year since they began the procedures. They agree that, although the process is complex, it also helps companies to acquire very useful knowledge about protocols, airport managers, and about the AESA itself.

The whole list of authorized operators is publicly available at the AESA website.