Catalonia Smart Drones and IoT Catalan Alliance present European funding opportunities to promote the innovative potential of its members

Attendees at the event were able to learn about the main European calls for SMEs, startups and freelancers

The Catalonia Smart Drones and the IoT Catalan Alliance, with the support of the Ministry for Digital Policy and Public Administration of the Government of Catalonia and the i2CAT Foundation, held an online conference on Tuesday with the aim of letting know the main funding programs for SMEs, startups and freelancers. The event, dedicated especially to the companies and entities members of the two initiatives, has put the focus in the frame program of investigation and innovation Horizon 2020 of the European Commission.

The seminary focused on setting out the regulations and the competitive advantages of participating in the Horizon 2020 program, which this year will end to give way to the Horizon Europe program in the spring of 2021. Both programs aim to bring together innovative and valuable ideas in the market through different financing tools that, for the most part, are based on collaborations with entities from different countries.

The session presented the EIC Accelerator call and EIC Fast Track to Innovation call, both initiatives of the European Innovation Council, and also Cascade Funding, aimed to develop innovative products and services for SMEs, startups and freelancers. In addition, attendees also discovered the objectives, the criterea and the type of funding that can be achieved by Eureka and Eurostars programs.

This introductory seminar of European funding opportunities, which has been well received by attendees, will lead to a second day dedicated to deepening knowledge of those calls that have most interested participants. The aim of this joint session is to add synergies between the communities of the IoT Catalan Alliance and the Catalonia Smart Drones to promote the development and innovative potential of its member companies and entities.