Catalonia Smart Drones organizes the third interregional meeting of the Aerial Uptake project

During the meeting, the latest conclusions of the European project were presented, and the demands of the member companies were gathered


On November 19, Catalonia Smart Drones held the 3rd Regional Stakeholders Meeting (RSG) of the European project, Aerial Uptake. During the virtual session, the conclusions of the latest activities of the project were presented with the aim of developing a regional action plan that promotes the adoption of drone technology and improves social acceptance.

The aim of this project is to contribute to the development of policies that facilitate the technological adoption of drones through three main areas: encouraging innovation, promoting market adoption, and improving the social acceptance of this technology.

In addition to reporting on the status of the project and the milestones achieved, Catalonia Smart Drones communicated the results of the regional analysis in Catalonia compared to other regions in Europe. At the same time, some success stories provided by community members were highlighted and the results of the Idea Generation Workshop last October were shared.

Attendees at the conference, members of the Catalan drone community, had the opportunity to participate in a dynamic group discussion, which gathered ideas and proposals for the planning of the program of activities of 2021. Attendees at the dynamics were satisfied with the activities and work carried out by the Department of Digital Policies and Public Administration of the Government of Catalonia regarding the revitalization of the drone ecosystem of Catalonia, together with the i2CAT Foundation as a technical office.

New proposals for a new year

Although the sector revitalization activities and brokerage events received a favourable assessment, the participants asked that the companies in demand offer a greater interest in making it possible to carry out projects and pilots. They also called for more attention and resources from the public administration so that city councils and county councils can improve their knowledge of drone technology and the regulations to which it is subject.

This claim stems from the community’s desire to minimize the intrusion that has been detected in the sector due to consumer ignorance about drone technology and the legal framework. On January 26, Catalonia Smart Drones will celebrate the inaugural day of the year with a focus on the new European drone regulations, which will enter into force at the end of 2020. In this way, work will be carried out on outreach events on European regulation in different thematic areas, good practices, and benchmarks in the adoption of regulations within the sector will be identified, aid for the processing of EASA documents will be presented and reading and analysis groups will be created of the regulations.

The Catalan drone community is still in 2021 with the aim of offering more meeting spaces and weaving synergies with other technological sectors and opportunities in the territory.

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