StratoTrans: technology to improve road infrastructure and traffic management

StratoTrans is a CERVERA project lead by Exodronics with the collaboration of Eurecat, CATUAV and Nexiona


Original news by Exodronics.

16th April 2020 – Exodronics, a company belonging to Catalonia Smart Drones, leads the CERVERA project StatoTrans, which aims at producing prototype drones and IoT platforms specifically designed to facilitate road infrastructure and traffic management.

StatoTrans will be deployed with the collaboration of CATUAV and Eurecat, also associated with Catalonia Smart Drones, as well as Nexiona, a member of the IoT Catalan Alliance. In the kick-off meeting, which took place at Mas Vinyoles Hub at the beginning of March, the participants tackled the needs and requirements of StatoTrans, and the CTO of EXODRONICS, Dr. Cristian Padró, took the opportunity to present the progress made in the definition of test benches, an additional aspect of the work carried out by the company with the General Directorate of Mobility Infrastructures of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

In order to reach the project’s milestones, Exodronics will cooperate with Eurecat, which will be responsible for image processing based on artificial vision and cyber security; CATUAV, which facilitates the manufacture of drones, and Nexiona, which provides the ICT platform.

In keeping with Exodronic’s mission of providing answers from the sky, both rotary and fixed wing drones will be employed to collect the range of image data that will be used to develop algorithms and provide a comprehensive set of solutions for roads and traffic management.

StatoTrans is part of the CERVERA programme by the Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI) of the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.