The brokerage event of Catalonia Smart Drones and the IoT Catalan Alliance includes more than 20 proposals for the utilities sector

The event responded to the challenges posted by 8 companies that wanted to improve their services by ICT

April 16.- The IoT Catalan Alliance and Catalonia Smart Drones communities, with the support of the Department of Digital Policies and Public Administration of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the i2CAT Foundation, inaugurated the program of sector revitalization activities with a brokerage event dedicated to the utilities sector.

In this edition, the companies Suez, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Nedgia (Naturgy) and Aigües de Barcelona, ​​presented a total of 8 challenges linked to the improvement of their services, especially with regard to the optimization of production , incident detection and sensing of supply networks. A total of 11 companies, 10 of which were members of the IoT Catalan Alliance and 1 of Catalonia Smart Drones were able to present a total of 21 solutions to meet the needs of demand.

A successful program

Within the framework of the SmartCatalonia strategy, promoted by the Department of Digital Policies of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Innovation Program is offered, an open and free competitive initiative for all the participating companies. Its aim is to facilitate the adoption of IoT, drone and blockchain technologies in strategic sectors in Catalonia, including the utilities sector.

The IoT Catalan Alliance and Catalonia Smart Drones are currently working on the organization of the next brokerage event on the agricultural sector. Agricultural and livestock companies interested in technology adoption will be able to register their challenges before May 2.