The Catalonia Smart Drones and IoT Catalan Alliance promote advanced digital technologies in the agricultural sector

It is estimated that this year there will be 75 million connected devices in the agricultural sector

The Catalonia Smart Drones and IoT Catalan Alliance, with the support of the Ministry for Digital Policy and Public Administration of the Government of Catalonia and the i2CAT Foundation, which will hold a technological dissemination day on Wednesday 8 July to present the advantages of technologies advanced in the agricultural sector. The online session, will feature about fifty attendees who can see the opportunities and benefits of IoT and drone technologies applied to an agricultural and livestock sector, such as crop control, monitoring and herd monitoring. or vehicle and fleet management, among others.

The director of the SmartCatalonia strategy of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Daniel Marco, welcomed the attendees, recalling that the agricultural sector has always relied on innovation as its backbone. Marco added that advanced technologies provide the strategic ability to capture data to turn it into value-added information, thus generating a transformation of the sector: from reactive to predictive agriculture.

Rosa Paradell, Director of Innovation and Business Development in the Public Sector at i2CAT, introduced the attendees to the Internet of Things and Drones exchange system. According to Paradell, it is possible to reach 75 million devices connected to the agricultural sector and also, the volume of data that a farmer can generate is an amount of 4.1 million. Next, the companies of the IoT Catalan Alliance, MCSystems and the Catalonia Smart Drones, Sitep, presented their cases of success and solutions that allow to optimize the resources.

The day also had the institutional participation of the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Lleida and PIMEC Lleida, Jaume Saltó; the Councilor for Innovation and Economic Promotion of the Lleida Provincial Council, Teresa Botargues; the Deputy to the Office of the Vice President for Transfer and Promotion of Innovation at the University of Lleida, Dr. Roberto García and the institutional delegate of the IRTA in the Lands of Lleida and the Pyrenees, Dr. Joan Girona.

This session is the beginning of a process that will end in a brokerage event. In the following months, the teams of the IoT Catalan Alliance and Catalonia Smart Drones will meet the challenges of the agricultural and livestock sector to find innovative solutions based on IoT and drones. The aim of both communities is to continue offering value to member companies and entities, enhance business opportunities and promote the revitalization of IoT and drone technologies.