The Catalonia Smart Drones and the IoT Catalan Alliance are committed to technological innovation in the utilities sector

Both communities have held a telematic brokerage event that has collected more than fifty proposals to respond to the 12 challenges posted

The Catalonia Smart Drones and the IoT Catalan Alliance , with the support of the Ministry of Digital Policies and Public Administration of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the i2CAT Foundation, held an online brokerage event on Thursday 2 July with the aim of connecting needs of the companies demanding of the sector utilities with the technological solutions of both communities. In this edition, the companies Endesa, Naturgy, Aigües de Manresa, Estabanell and Figueres de Serveis, have presented a total of 12 challenges linked to the improvement of the production, performance and optimization of energy and gas.

The brokerage was attended by 16 companies that presented a total of 56 solutions to meet the challenges using IoT and drone technologies. The large number of proposals has made it possible to extend the day to two sessions to ensure the viability of the event.

The participating companies had the opportunity to present to Endesa, Aigües de Manresa, Estabanell and Figueres de Serveis a total of 32 technological solutions through 15-minute bilateral meetings. Naturgy’s turn will be next Thursday 16 July in a session that will feature new innovative initiatives to solve the 5 challenges that the company has presented.

Catalan communities have identified the utilities sector as a strategic area for the development of IoT and drone technologies, capable of making more efficient use of resources through the centralization of data, detecting defects in distribution networks or improving maintenance. of infrastructure.

After the second experience of conducting an online brokerage event, the assessment by companies of supply and demand, as well as the organization of the event, has been very positive. This day is part of the plan of joint activities between the IoT Catalan Alliance and Catalonia Smart Drones communities to strengthen their value and continue to offer competitive opportunities to member companies and entities.